Sprinavasa Brown

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Sprinavasa believes that any person with the right encouragement, support, and mentorship can change the trajectory of their lives and future. Growing up in Oregon, she noticed early on that she was one of the only Black kids in STEM programs and outdoor camps, but she had an innate love for the outdoors. Camp ELSO was spurred by Sprinavasa's desire to cultivate an environment she and Co-Founder Dr. Kellianne Richardson never had, a learning environment where kids like them could be comfortable, free to learn and be themselves while gaining quality educational opportunities.

A recognized community builder and charismatic leader, Sprinavasa has over 10 years experience across the nonprofit sector. She has overseen Camp ELSO's implementation of its strategic vision and growth since inception, including the development of its award winning  Wayfinders Program. She is a recipient of the Bonner Scholars Award at Oberlin College for outstanding community leadership and service.

Sprinavasa has experience working alongside national, regional and local government agencies, and advising organizations across Oregon on furthering racial equity and justice, community engagement and outreach to BIPoC and historically under resourced communities. She is a member of Metro Regional Government's Public Engagement Review Committee and Parks & Nature Equity Advisory Committee. Sprinavasa has worked with Portland Parks and Recreation on two advisory committees including the Columbia Children's Arboretum and Forest Park Nature Center. An alumna of the Center for Diversity and the Environments EE42 Environmental Leaders Program, she has served on the leadership group for the Regional Visioning Project for Environmental Education and Environmental Justice. She is a newly elected member of the board of directors for the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

Together with an outstanding staff team and dedicated Board of Director, Sprinavasa leads by example to set a precedent for what can be accomplished in environmental and STEM institutions when people from diverse communities are empowered to lead and are supported through advocacy and partnership by mainstream organizations.

When she isn't actively engaged in one of her professional roles, Sprinavasa is spending time with family and friends, gardening, traveling, catching up on her reading list and re-grounding in nature.

Formal Education: BA in African American Studies and Biology from Oberlin College; MA in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University