Asia Saechao

Education Manager

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Asia’s passion for life sciences began in her great grandmother’s backyard garden. Today, her connection to environmental STEM is carried through her ancestors’ stories, her understanding of her Iu-Mienh and indigenous Khmu identities, and her people and their connection with food.

Through observing the way her family nurtured the garden and seeing them harvest their fruits of labor, her curiosity for the natural world grew. This fascination eventually led her to be the first in her family to receive degrees in STEM. Her experience as a first-generation student from a family of wartime refugees, and her love for community and sciences are the driving forces of her commitment to environmental justice, representation in STEM and redefining science through youth mentorship and education in expanded learning programs.

She is woman, queer, Indigenous Khmu and Iu Mienh. In her spare time, she finds joy and healing through caring for and photosynthesizing with her plant babies - the sun is one of her best friends and she enjoys its company.